Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ghost Month

In the Chinese lunar calendar, the seventh month is considered the Ghost Month.  During this time, the Chinese almost don’t do anything new or start a project or go on a trip.  You won’t get any invitations to wedding or engagements.  The reason for this is that in Chinese culture and tradition,  this time, the gates of hell are open and the spirits come out to this world.
The 15th of the month, which was yesterday, is the day we celebrate the Ghost Festival.  Since my parents hail from the mainland, they observe the day as they have in China by preparing food and burning incense and paper money for the spirits.  Usually a few days before the 15th, my mom will go to the cemetery and put offerings and burn incense and paper money at the graves of relatives and friends.
Last night, while attending a dinner with members of the board of directors of the Philippine Kho Association, one of the guests mentioned that its a Ghost Month and people should not be going on trips.  This is the reason for the tragedy that happened the other at the Quirino Grandstand.
Another one told stories about the Ghost Month.  In some places in China, the whole town celebrates the whole month, each household cooks food and anyone can go in and eat.  Its like a Filipino Fiesta!   He also mentions that if you will notice, one always has this feeling of weight or tiredness on oneself during the Ghost Month.  He said this is because there is a spirit that is clinging on one’s body.  I forgot to ask how to get rid of that spirit though.
But then again, being Christians, we know that there is only one who has power over spirits, Jesus Christ.

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