Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nokia N900 woes: Cannot answer the phone immediately

Sometimes I don’t know what the unit seems to be doing.  This is because sometimes, I’m not using it and a phone call comes in and I can’t open it  to answer the call.   The screen just remains blank and I have to wait a while longer before the screen turns on.  Even sliding the switch doesn’t help.  Some times it takes so long that the caller has already hanged up and I have to return the call instead.  Its ok if the caller is using a Globe which I’m using an unlimited plan, but if its a call from a Smart line, then I have to pay extra on my monthyly bill.
I don’t know if this has to do with its multi-tasking ability such that there are a number of processes running in the background, specially softwares which are supposed to be still in Testing or Development?  That was the warning given when install softwares from these repositories.  But then again, if I did not start the program, then they shouldn’t have been running in the background.   I guess I have to check each of the programs and kill those runaway processes and see if the load will go down.

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