Sunday, August 7, 2011

Been playing with the settings of this Blogger setup.  Didn't realize that I had setup this account since November 2008 but just didn't get around to using it.  I don't recall trying it it before.  I guess I might have been trying out the different Google account products and have accidentally enabled it.

From the current experiments and searches, it appears that I can put up multiple blogs under a single account. Am thinking if I can move the other websites that I'm maintaining under a single account.  However, those sites contain a lot of pictures and it seems that pictures are counted again my Picasa quota.  The free account comes with a 1GB limit.  I should remember to resize my pictures and upload them somewhere else.  The other option is to pay for the additional space.  If I can monetize the contents from all those sites, $5/year for 20GB of space doesn't sound too expensive.

I will need to have the design of the website moved though and this will take extra time.

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