Monday, August 8, 2011

LG Optimus One from Suncellular

You may notice that sudden increase in the number of my posts to Twitter and/or Facebook.  This is due to my getting an LG Optimus One from Suncellular.  The phone came with the Call and Surf Plan which gives you unlimited calls and surfing.

The LG Optimus One comes with the Android OS and a number of apps that I am just starting to experiment with.  Have also been installing the different software packages available from the Android market until I hit a snag.  Apparently he unit comes with a small internal memory of around 170mb.  Once you fill that up, you can't install anymore programs even if you have installed a 16gb sdcard.

After a few days, I am unable to receive any more text messages even when I still have 20mb of internal memory left.  I read somewhere that it will not accept anymore messages when  you have less than 10% of internal memory left.  Will need to do something about this.

However, one good thing that came with this unit is that I now have a better signal even when I'm inside the house or the office.  I used to tell people that I don't have a signal because there is no sun in my room.

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