Thursday, August 11, 2011

Partitioning sdcard on Android without Cynanogen

After having problems with running out of internal memory on the LG Optimus One, I started researching on solutions for this problem.  Mind you that not all programs come in with APP2SD support so one cannot move them to the sdcard.

The articles that I've found included booting into recovery mode and installing Cynanogen.  But after several tries and not sure if I'm doing it correctly, I looked for other solutions.  Having read a number of articles on booting into recovery mode, I understood that its possible to partition the sdcard and "install" a program that will move the app to the card.  This should free up space on your phone's internal memory.

Since I am not able to go into recovery mode, my problem now is how to paritition the sdcard.  Tried it under windows but there is no option to partition it.  Tried mounting the card under linux and doing fdisk on it but somehow the partition appears to be incorrect and could not format it.

So after some head scratching, I tried searching Android market for an app that can format the card.  I came across the app by Michael Chourdakis called Root # All Data2SD.  What this program does is it will automatically create an embedded EXT2 partition on the sdcard and mounts it. The program will also automatically move your program to the sdcard thereby freeing up space.

However, I am not using the program for that purpose.  For some reason that I don't remember, after having partitioned the sdcard, I uninstalled the program and installed Link2SD instead.

In any case, after installing all the usual programs that I want I still have more than 100mb free instead of the original 19mb free and not being able to receive anymore SMS.

Next thing to test is if I can still access the sdcard from windows.  I've read a few comments that people are no longer able to access the card after formatting.

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