Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rooting the LG Optimus One

Coming from using the Nokia N900, where I am able to open a terminal and explore the files on the unit, I just had to do that same with this unit.   Perhaps its curiosity or  just an inherent itch that I would want to install, that for me are, basic softwares in the phone. Some of those includes know the wifi keys entered into the phone or using secure shell to access the phone internals or being able to expand the phone's limited internal memory.

In order to do that, one needs to root the phone.

Sites I've found on the Internet showed rooting the LG Optimus One P500 using z4root.  But further readings showed that it only worked with the older software version.  My unit came with Android version 2.2.1 and software version says its V10e-NOV-30-2010.  I searched for other root programs and found Gingerbreak

Since I already have Dropbox installed on the phone, I just placed the file into my dropbox share directory and downloaded it into the LG.  Run it and the unit is rooted.

Now that the phone is rooted, the next step is expanding the internal memory by using the sdcard as an expanded internal memory to hold the files.

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